User Experience Upgrades

As a brand that operates with an e-commerce only presence, optimizing user experience on Loeffler Randall's site is super important. Before, our return process was clunky and not thoughtful―users had to hunt for a "return" button and wait for a shipping label via email. I simplified the process to a six-step, one-page experience, resulting in a seamless return process―and hundreds of less complaints for our customer service team.

Step 1

User arrives at return page by clicking "orders + returns" from top nav. "Check on your order" leads to tracking info page, while "make a return" takes them to the return page.

Step 2

Return page is auto-populated if user is already logged in. Accordian menu prompts them to enter information.

Step 3

User's order is generated. If item was sold more than 30 days prior or is final sale, disclaimer is populated.

Step 4

Once items that are being returned are chosen, reason for return form pops up.

Step 5

Final return confirmation. User has the option of editing if needed and confirming one last time.

Step 6

Return is confirmed and user can automatically print PDF. If based in New York, can drop off at our showroom.