In New York, everyone has a story. I write them down for Refinery29 in an ongoing writing & photography series.


speaking with 8 models during New York Fashion Week on what it's truly like to work in the industry.

"When I tell people on set that I’m 26, and they say, 'You look great for your age!' I look at them like they’re crazy. As a feminist, it’s so offensive to me that anyone says that."

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"At Fashion Week, the first thing they ask is not 'What’s your name?' but 'How old are you?'

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"Every lover has a song. If you can write one when you meet them and fall in love, and write one when you break up, then you are winning as a songwriter."

—Ionie. Read full interview →


speaking with new york city street performers.

“I was arrested for busking a few months ago at Metropolitan Avenue. Someone recorded it, and it went viral.”

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three of NYPD's bravest tell stories from the Special Victims Unit.

“You want [the children] to forget the situation they were in, because forgetting is part of healing. Children can recoup fast, but their psyche doesn’t work the same as an adult.”

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“We all thought the world was coming to an end. I ran to get my uniform, called my friend to look after my dog, called my parents to tell them I loved them, and went to Ground Zero.”

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“Living here reinforces the idea of patience. You know, ‘yeah, everything hasn’t come in one year, but give it a bit of time and it will happen.’”

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at the table with NYC's service industry.

“My life in Italy wasn't like this.
My life in Italy was beautiful.
Over here, what do I do?”

—Lorenzo. Read full interview →