ann taylor LOFT

digital design & rebrand

I was hired as a digital designer at Ann Taylor LOFT during their 2014 overhaul. During this time, I worked with a team of designers to refine the brand's look and feel. We went from young, bold, and bright (pink! loud! over-the-top!) to elegant and refined. Favorite projects include the UI, design, and art direction of the brand's Tumblr, lots of email marketing design, and generally creating on-the-fly in a busy web environment.

Tumblr Design 

I designed custom Tumblr themes for both LOFT and their sister brand, Lou & Grey. Scope of work included interactive design & photo research.


Email Marketing

LOFT is a brand who likes to make their message loud and clear via email marketing. During my time there, I designed 100+ (maybe? probably.) emails. Here are a few of my favorites.

Art Direction: Susan Rivas / Creative Direction: Cecilia Gates