Overheard: All-Male Vendors at The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Overheard: All-Male Vendors at The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The biggest bazaar of them all.

Please reference: Overheard

(Scenario: Two 20-something females, unaccompanied. Innocuously garbed in winter apparel, replete with heavy boots, tights and scarves.)

“Angel! Angel! I could be your Charlie!”

“Excuse me miss, I think you dropped something.” (We turn around, actually concerned). “My heart.”

“Hey, Spice Girls! Come spice up your life!”

(On wearing ridiculous pseudo-intellectual Ray Bans sans lenses.) “Those glasses don’t have lenses, you know.” (3 times.)

(On wearing Harem pants) “Come buy some more Turkish pants!”

“I’m the one you’ve been waiting for. Here. Right here.” (Wish it were really that easy!)

“Lady Gaga and Katy Perry!” (What? We were a little offended about which identities he was referencing. I mean, which one was stuck being Gaga?)

“Help me spend your money.”

“Future wife! Come here!”

“Sisters? Sisters?” (So hopeful, this one!)

Okay, so maybe the list wasn’t long enough to warrant one of these. But, seriously. Gentlemen—if you’re in the need of some new woman-wheedling material—visit the Grand Bazaar. Ladies—feeling frumpy? Seeking a Turkish husband whilst perusing Persian rugs? Visit the Grand Bazaar.

Still crafting a more eloquent entry on all of life in Istanbul. For now, enjoy the (God’s) eye candy above. Officially enamored with Instagram/snapping photos of anything involving illumination.

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